Class 4

As children move into Class 4 we work to give them more responsibility around the school, enabling them to become good role models for the younger children. The children are given the skills to take on more self study projects which foster confidence and independent study skills. We aim to ensure that the children have all the skills they need to make a confident transition to secondary education.

Teaching and Learning

Children follow a creative curriculum with subjects linked to an overarching theme. This makes learning relevant and shows children how curriculum areas link together. Together with structured teaching activities in all curriculum areas, we teach children research skills to help them to learn how to learn. Our creative curriculum motivates children to want to learn more, so each term the children work on a project, choosing an aspect of the theme that they are particularly interested in. The children work on their projects at home and school and present them at the end of each term to the class.

Curriculum Newsletters


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C4 Autumn 1 2017 curriculum newsletter

C4 Autumn 2 2017 curriculum newsletter


On the 7th of October we went on a trip to SKILLZONE. SKILLZONE was a very good experience and we all had so much fun. We all enjoyed it so much and we all had such a great time. The creepiest part was the dark alley [it was very smelly]. The coolest part was at the beach because somebody had to pretend to drown in the lake. We all learnt a lot because there were a couple of questions that we had to answer and we answered questions differently the second time. We all came out of SKILLZONE a bit brighter about being safe. The class had different groups but we all learnt the same amount of knowledge.

By Ollie and Joseph

Our trip to skill zone was amazing because it was a totally new experience!!!

We both found the alleyway the scariest because it was really dark and there was graffiti on the walls.

“I (Olivia) was really scared by the alleyway because at the end there was a man smoking and it scared me a lot. Felix was hiding behind the man and I walked past it and Felix jumped out and frightened me so much!!!”

“I (Rosa) found the alleyway scary because it was dark and it stank. The man was also very scary too. I also liked the house because it was very interesting and you learnt a lot.”

Skill zone was a really good trip and we both would love to go there again. We were both in different groups but at the end on the coach we discussed what we had enjoyed and what we had done.

By Olivia + Rosa

We learnt that to keep safe, you need to:

Having parents permission to go on to the internet
– Be safe around trains
– Bring a parent to the park
– Make sure you use the zebra crossing right / be safe
– Ask parents if you can meet someone face to face/or even a adult you can trust
– Make sure that you always check before going in a dark alleyway or even when it is light
– Keep with in the flags on the beach
– Make sure that you make sure that your house is safe and out of danger/turn off electricity when you go out or you don’t need to use it
– Never litter and always put rubbish in the bin provided
– If someone asks you for your belongings always give it to them and then tell a trusted adult/police

Some helpful information:

About vehicles:

Even when the man is green on a pedestrian crossing make sure that there are no vehicles are coming.
Always make sure that the traffic light is green and never cross when a barrier is down even if there is no train coming.
By Freya and Emma

Skillzone was a very good experience for being safe. It was very interesting especially the park safety. This is because we learnt if a stranger asked you for one of your personal items , you should give it to them by throwing it away from them and you. Also if your dog does something from the rear end, pick it up because no-one else will and it can also cause other dogs to be ill. Don’t litter because in the night an animal might eat something from your litter and they will be very un well and maybe DIE. We learnt to be responsible for your actions and for the environment.

By Tom H , Tom S , Alex V

House of disasters

At SKILLZONE we went into a house which was full of hazards.

Here are some examples:

¨ There was a knife in a toaster.

¨ There were clothes on top of a gas toaster.

¨ There were really old baked beans on the side without a lid.

And much more…

Upstairs there was a fire scenario because there was too much stuff plugged in at once. There was a room which had been burned for 4 minutes and it looked horrendous.


There was a room which if you open the door smoke comes out and there is an orange light which made it look like there was a fire.

We learnt that you should put the back of your hand on the door handle and if it is hot there is a fire. If it is hot then don’t open the door, leave it closed because if you open it the oxygen will whoosh in and make the fire really big and it will rush out at you.

SKILLZONE was really fun and we learnt a lot of things.

By Fin and Louis

Ally way

The ally way was really dark, noisy, dirty and a bit scary but we learnt that you shouldn’t go down alleyways with out a trusted adult.


We learnt not to leave equipment in dangerous places.


We learnt never to distract the driver because he or she might crash and die.


Always wait when the lights are flashing even though you can not see it and you are in a rush.


On the 7th of October class 4 went on a trip to Skill Zone; we enjoyed every second of it. We learnt to keep your personal information to yourself (somewhere safe.) We also learnt to make sure that everything is safe before going out somewhere. The alleyway was scary but we learnt a lot from it about keeping yourself safe when you see a stranger! We also learnt that you should always wear a seatbelt when you are in a car and that you have to be very careful when you are at a train station. At the park we learnt that you should always keep the park/field clean and tidy and leave it how you should find it and you should never litter anyway. At the beach flags are put there for a reason and they mean something is safe or not safe. Remember to keep safe.

By Chantal + Kiera

The crossing

First was the crossing. This activity was when we had to cross the road safely and learn how to use it properly. What we had to do was press the button and wait for the green man to appear. Then we had to look both ways, left and right, and listen for any cars. Then we crossed, as we crossed we had to look both ways and still listen for cars. We also learnt not to cross on a bend of the road or in-between cars parked. If you are blind you would find the bumps on the pavement to indicate that it is a place for crossing. Also you would put your hand under the button and wait for the gear to start spinning so you know when to cross.

The car

After we did the crossing we did the car. What we had to do was get into the car and before you did anything put your seatbelt on and then shut the doors. After we got in the car we watched a video, this video was showing us what would happen if we didn’t follow the safety rule such as:

Wearing the seatbelts in the correct way and time
Don’t distract the adult driving
Sit in your seat properly
Don’t drink while driving
Don’t text while driving
Don’t drive after you have drunken alcohol before a certain amount of time.


The alleyway

We also did the alleyway. This activity was where we had to go into a dark alleyway and say what dangers were inside it. We walked slowly without the guide and as soon as we looked around the corner and ran straight back out. What we saw was a shadowy figure that we couldn’t see the face properly. The guide then switched the lights on and we went in again with the guide at are side. The dangers were:

Strangers (who was smoking)
Rubbish piles
Sick puddles
Dog dung


The fire house

One of the earlier activities was the fire house. It had the dangers that can be in any old household. First we went into the kitchen and spotted all of the dangers that can be lurking in your kitchen. There were lots of dangers such as a knife in a toaster and a puddle on the floor. There was also much, much more. After we went into the kitchen we went into the living room. There were mainly fire hazards in the living room but there was also some other dangers like marbles on the floor that you can slip up on easily. We then learnt about strangers ringing or knocking on your door. We learnt not to open the door before knowing who was there, also not to open the door without an adult and to stay away from them because they might grab you and take you away. We then went upstairs and saw the dangers in the bathroom and an adult’s bedroom. After that there was a fire alarm (that was fake) and we went outside safely. We then looked at a room that had been set on fire and it was completely destroyed.

There were also lots more places that we saw and we enjoyed it so much. We also got taught lots more things. It was and is a great place to go.

By Helena and Millie

PGL 2016


We arrived at PGL Liddington at around 2:15 this afternoon. We met our team leader, Ian and spent some time playing games on the big field before having a tour of the site. We then spent time unpacking and getting used to our rooms and we are all very excited about the different activities we are going to do over the week.

Everyone enjoyed a hearty meal before taking part in this evening’s activity: Photo Challenge.


Although today was a bit chilly, we have enjoyed our first full day at PGL. We have replenished our energies by enjoying the great choice of food on offer. We have all had a go at the activities today and pushed ourselves to do our best. Mrs Tompkins’ group did fencing, zipwire, challenge course and giant swing. Miss Harriman and Mrs McKay’s groups both did Raft building, zipwire and challenge course. This evening we had a campfire with marshmallows and learnt lots of songs.


Today we had a busy day after a good night’s sleep. Mrs Tompkins’ group did mountain biking, open canoeing, archery and Jacob’s ladder. Miss Harriman and Mrs McKay’s groups did giant swing, archery, mountain biking and Jacob’s ladder. We are still enjoying the choice of food on offer. We played Capture The Flag in the evening.


Today the sun came out and we had a visit from Mrs Bainbridge. She surprised us at breakfast and has spent time throughout the day with each group and seen how much they are enjoying their time here. Mrs Tompkins’ group has done Raft building, trapeze and quad biking. Miss Harriman and Mrs McKay’s groups have done trapeze, open canoeing, survivor and crate challenge. Tonight we have been to the shop and had a quiz night.


Today was our last day at PGL. We were all tired and looking forward to going home to our families, although we would miss being at PGL. Mrs Tompkins’ group did survivor and crate challenge. Miss Harriman and Mrs McKay’s groups did quad biking and fencing. We sang all the way on the journey back and had emotional reunions with our families!

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