Willow Class – Superhero HQ

Willow Class – Superhero HQ!   This week Willow Class have enjoyed creating their superhero headquarters! They have been dressing up as superheroes and acting out the story of Nat Fantastic. Some of the children have even been writing labels with their superhero name on! In English, the children have drawn their own superhero and […]

Willow Class are Super Mathematicians!

Super Mathematicians in Willow Class! This week Willow Class have been learning how to combine 2 groups to find out how many objects they have altogether. Our Maths took a fishy turn as the children used shells and starfish to help them with their counting! The children also had the opportunity to play a snakes […]

Willow Class visit the Whiteshill Community Shop during Anti Bullying week

Willow Class have been helping out at the local community shop! On Monday, the children had the opportunity to spend some time helping out in the local community shop. The visit was organized as part of our ‘Anti Bullying Week’ events.  The children helped out with pricing items up and stacking shelves. They also learnt […]