Weekly Home Challenge 3 – get dressed up as a bug!

This week, can you dress up as a bug and create a bug costume?! You could use anything you have at home – maybe you’ve got some colourful or stripy clothes like Miss French or perhaps you have some fairy wings hidden away somewhere!  Or you could make a mask out of cardboard if you don’t have any material.  Have fun and we can’t wait to see your photos.

Weekly Home Challenge 2 – create a home for bugs!

This week, have a go at creating a home for bugs in your garden.  It could be made from anything you have left around at home or out of natural materials – just a pile of sticks or pebbles is great for bugs – they love to crawl around in all the nooks and crevices!

Weekly Home Challenge from Miss French!
Phonics – YEAR 1 ONLY

From today, I will not put daily phonics learning online, please instead use the resources below a little each day to help your child keep the year 1 sounds and words fresh in their heads.  I have included a phonics sheet with ideas to help you support your child over the next few weeks to revisit the sounds they have learnt this year.  Alongside this, I have attached the Phase 5 sounds mat and tricky word list (words they should be able to read and spell) here and here to help you guide your child’s learning – these are the key sounds and words they learn in year 1 and it will be really helpful if they can keep practicing these throughout their time at home so that they don’t forget them!  Any questions at all please just email me at any point.