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Happy World Book Day 2021!  We are hoping this day will give you chance to do something different. We have thought of a selection of activities that you can try throughout the day at your own pace – just choose whichever ones you think you will enjoy and feel able to do!  The learning today is the same for each class so if you have siblings in school you can do the activities together if you like.  The teachers will still be available on Class Dojo at the normal times and we’d love to hear and see what you have been up to so do send them photos and messages if you are able!  Your suggested activities for the day are below…

Don’t forget to take some time to just read, read, read, read and read throughout the day too!!

Book Cover Challenge!

Can you recreate a book cover or blend into a book?! Have a look at the photos below for some inspiration!  You can keep it simple or go really all out in fancy dress – it is up to you!  We would love to see your creations so please do send photos in on Class Dojo to the teachers when you are done.

Share a Story Live Event

We are delighted to celebrate this year with an extra special digital event!

You can watch the World Book Day special – Bringing Reading to Life LIVE on the World Book Day website at 10:30am. The event will last 30 minutes.
Starring: Joseph Coelho (the poet whom Maple class saw at Stroud Book Festival last year) & Fiona Lumbers, Tom Fletcher and Lydia Monks
Hosted by Nigel Clarke, TV presenter.   Just click on the link below to watch live at 10.30am.

The Masked Reader!

Watch the video clips below of our masked Whiteshill staff members reading a page from their favourite book. Can you guess who is behind each mask? I wonder if you can name any of the favourite books too?! You can send us your guesses over Class Dojo!




                                  How many did you guess?!

Share a story together…

Take ten minutes to share story with someone in your bubble. Look at the pictures together, guess what the characters are up to and predict what you think will happen next. Sharing stories boosts creativity and imaginationimproves wellbeing and is a positive experience for everyone!

Video books to enjoy together…

Visit the World Book Day website to watch the ‘Share a Story Corner videos’ where you will find familiar characters and easy to follow stories with tips for reading together.

You can also listen to a range of audiobooks here…

Create a bookmark

Cut out a rectangle shape from a piece of card. Add colour with pens, pencils, paint, glitter glue or sequins. Add a pompom, tassel or ribbon to the end.

Share the love – give a bookmark to your family and friends. Pass them out in the neighbourhood. They’re great to accompany any book gifts you’re giving. Or hide them in the pages of books in your local library next time you are able to visit!

Create a book nook

Of course you can read anywhere, but creating a special place to read shows just how wonderful books are.

It’s very simple to set up a book nook – all you really need is a place to sit and some books – but adding in some extra special touches can make a little reading den that you love to visit.  Perhaps you could decorate it with some posters of your favourite books?

Write a book of your own…

Click the links below for ideas…

Make a Zig Zag book.

Draw your own graphic novel.

Combine art and storytelling and make a miniature book or matchbox book.

Take the first line of your favourite tale and write your own ending.

Put yourself in a story with speech bubbles.

Guess who game…

This simple game is great for developing language, learning to take turns and following basic rules. You can play with just two players, or as many as you like. One person thinks of a character from a story book and the other players have to guess who they are by asking questions.  Try the game both ways: with you asking questions for them to answer (‘does this person fly on a broomstick?’) and also see if they can give clues. Giving clues is harder but great for considering how someone else might think.

Bring your favourite books to life with arts and crafts…

Make finger puppets or peg doll puppets of the characters from your favourite story. You may like to act out the story afterwards.

Make your own character masks and put on a show for your family.

Paint a character from one of your favourite stories.

Be creative…!

Clips, quizzes and activities…

Celebrate your favourite authors, stories and characters with the best clips, quizzes and activities from CBBC.

Ready, steady, cook….

Cook, bake or put together a dish inspired by a story!  You could make the ‘wormy spaghetti’ from The Twits, the porridge from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a gingerbread man or a salad from Mr McGregor’s garden in Peter Rabbit!

Roald Dahl

The Roald Dahl website has lots of quizzes, videos, stories and activities for you to try!

You can also watch a theatrical reading of the Twits online here – performed at the Unicorn Theatre (probably more appropriate for the older children).

Draw like Tom Gates…

Learn to draw like Tom Gates and lots more…

Visit your favourite author’s website…

If you don’t like Roald Dahl or Tom Gates, why not look up the website of your favourite children’s author or book series – some of the websites have some fantastic facts, videos, games and activities on.  Older children could find out more about their favourite author…where do they come from?  How did they start writing?  What is their favourite book?!

We hope you have lots of fun today!!  We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

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Whiteshill's Day of

Welcome to our very first day of wonder at Whiteshill!  Today is all about inspiring a sense of wonder, awe and curiosity about the world around us.  We want to enhance well-being by focusing on nature, getting outside and being creative.  We hope it will also give you chance to marvel at the amazing details of the natural planet, widening our ‘window on the world’ in the current lockdown situation.

Below are a range of activities that Mrs McKay, our wellbeing lead, has put together for you to have a go at today.  You can choose which ones you would like to do and how many – go with whatever inspires you!  Obviously, for the younger children in Willow class you will have to choose carefully as not all of the activities will be appropriate for them.  You could scribe for them if they want to do any of the written activities – just choose what you feel works best for your child.  If you want to take an activity in your own direction as well, go for it!  Just enjoy marveling in the wonder of the world around us!  We can’t wait to see what you have been up to – please do login to Dojo and send us some photos if you are able to.  Have fun!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

If you are able to go outside in the garden or for a walk, have a go at the nature scavenger hunt here.

Cloud Spotting

Can you see objects in the clouds? Wrap up warm, go outside and watch the clouds for 10 minutes. Can you make any pictures from the clouds? E.g. dolphin, face etc

Read some poems about clouds here:

I am riding on a cloud


Cloud poem

Perhaps you could write your own.

You could research different types of clouds and present your information as a poster or a Power Point.

I think to myself…what a wonderful world!

Take the Natural wonders of the World quiz here.  You might need to research the answers on the internet. You can then wow your family with the new information you have learnt.  The answers are here for when you need them.

Choose a natural wonder and find out more about it. This could be presented as a poster or Power Point or younger children could draw a picture or tell another member of their family about what they have learnt.

Northern Lights

Watch the time lapse video of The Northern Lights here.

What does it make you feel? Imagine standing in the dark and watching the light show. How might you feel?

Try writing a poem about this phenomenon.

You could use simile to compare what you have seen to something else e.g. The lights are like dancing ribbons.

Or you could try an acrostic poem or perhaps a Haiku. Here are some examples of Haiky and acrostic poems to inspire you:

Acrostic examples

Haiku Teaching Powerpoint

Haiku Rules Poster

Acrostic poems

Younger children could imagine that they are there in the cold watching the Northern lights and do some role play, thinking about what they are feeling as they watch it.  Perhaps if you have some black paper at home, you could create a chalk picture of the northern lights too.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Have you ever wondered how a rainbow is made?

Is there really a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?

Is there such a thing as a moonbow?

Head to the met office website to find answers to these questions and find out about different types of rainbows. Who knew?!

You could present what you have learned as a leaflet, poster or Power Point.

Or you could draw a picture of write a poem about rainbows too if you like.  Maybe you could come up with your own rainbow art – get out all of your colours – pens, paints, chalks etc. and get creative!  Can you remember the colours of the rainbow in order?!

The lyrics to the song ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ are here if you want to try singing it together.

Below are some rainbow craft ideas that might inspire you – if you don’t have coloured paper at home, try looking in the recycling and using colourful junk mail instead!  The bead patterns could be made from anything colourful you have at home e.g. toy cars, beads, lego

Amazing Animals!

Head to the National Geographic Kids’ page and find out about some weird and wonderful animals!

Research a weird and wonderful animal from the list below:

Wobbegong (carpet shark)


Angler Fish


Shoebill stork

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