Weekly Home Challenge 3

100 word story using the Y5/6 spelling words.

Beat the teacher!

This week I would like you to write a short story of no more than 100 words using as many of the Year 5 / 6 spelling words (which you can find here) as you can. I used 15 in mine below – can you beat me? Make sure it makes sense!

Here’s my 100 word story:

Mr Muscle was turning forty and felt ancient! He had an awkward feeling in his stomach at the thought of his impending party on the twelfth of July. Last year’s had been disastrous! (Thanks to Little Miss Trouble, his neighbour, who had been a nuisance and tried her best to embarrass him all night!)

This year, he would go through the plan thoroughly, communicate with his friends and make the necessary arrangements himself. He was determined it would be a marvellous evening.

Have fun!

Weekly Home Challenge 2

Dear Year 5,

This week, I challenge you to create a model of a world-famous landmark out of anything you have at home. This could be loo roll tubes, cereal packets, Lego, Weetabix, toast, books – literally anything you can get your hands on (and are allowed to use).

Some ideas for iconic buildings are:

Big Ben

The Statue of Liberty

The Sydney Opera House

The Petronas Tower

You can see these in the photos below!

I chose The Eiffel Tower…………… anyone fancy a marshmallow?!

I cannot wait to see what you create!  Don’t forget to watch my video below before you start!

Weekly Home Challenge!

Year 5 Book Title Challenge!

Please first watch my message to you below which I have filmed using some book titles!

This week, I challenge you to create a similar message or a short story using book titles that you can find at home.  Once you are done, take a photograph of the books in order and write down the story or message and send it by email to head@whiteshill.gloucs.sch.uk so that we can share them with each other in a class newsletter (see Miss Francis’ email if you are not sure about this bit!)

In case you are not sure where to start, I have put some titles below that you might be able to incorporate if you need them, some of which I think might be appropriate at the moment!





Awesome friendly Kid


Going Solo

A Walk in the Woods

I Can Cook!

Grow Your Own Vegetables

Changing Places


The Whizz Bang Chocolate Shop

Long Walk to Freedom

The Path

The Constant Gardener


The Explorer


The Boy at the Back of the Class