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Absence and Attendance

Absence due to illness and late arrival

Children arriving to school late must be brought through the school office to ensure they are registered safely on to the premises.  Any child arriving after 9.30 a.m will have an unauthorised absence recorded if no reason has been given.  Once the children in school have been registered in each class, the school office will check phone and email messages to see where any absent children are and find out the reason for their absence.  If no phone or email message has been received with regards to their absence, the school office will phone, text and email those on the child’s contact list until the reason for absence has been ascertained and we are sure that the child is at home.   This ensures all children are safeguarded every morning.  It is important that you leave a message, speak to the office or send an email to let us know where your child is for each day of their absence.

If you need to collect your child from school during the course of the school day (e.g. for an unavoidable medical appointment) please go to the school office to ensure they have recorded that your child is leaving the building and a member of staff will collect your child from class.



Please click here to read our Attendance Policy to find out about the importance of attendance at school.

If you need support with your child’s attendance in school, click here to read our Offer of Early Help which can give you an idea of how we can support you as a family in a variety of ways.

Please click here to download a leave of absence request form.

Please click here to read a leaflet for parents from Gloucesteshire County Council on the subject of penalty notices.

Please click here to read a list of infectious diseases and information about whether your child can attend school or not.

School Security

The school gate is on a time lock and will automatically open each morning at 8.40am and lock at 8.55am.  It will then re-open at 3.10pm for parents to access the office if required and collect their children at the end of the school day.  Teachers bring the children to the inner gates and children will only be allowed to leave once the adult who is collecting them has been seen, in accordance with their going home list.  If your child is allowed to walk home alone or travel on the bus in Oak class, you must let us know in advance.

Outside these times, the gate is operated by a buzzer entry system and visitors must therefore speak to a member of staff before gaining entry to the school. All visitors including parents must go to the school office to sign in and be given a visitors sticker before entering the school. Please also remember to sign out before you leave the school.