We are curious, unique and together

Our Vision

Our vision at Whiteshill is to ensure all of our pupils become passionate, successful, lifelong learners who are self-confident and ambitious and go on to create their own unique future and impact positively on the wider world.

Our school values, which underpin this vision, are:
‘We are curious, we are unique, we are together, we are Whiteshill’.

At Whiteshill, everything we do is in order to achieve our vision. Pupils, staff and the whole school community work together with this aim.
Our curriculum is designed to allow us to achieve our vision, so you will see all of our pupils:

  • Asking and answering questions
  • Trying new things and taking risks
  • Shaping their own learning
  • Learning outdoors and having real-life experiences
  • Demonstrating a growth mindset and celebrating mistakes
  • Recalling what they already know and making links
  • Using a wide and effective vocabulary
  • Feeling fascinated!
  • Making independent choices
  • Working confidently on their own
  • Being given equal opportunity
  • Working to their full potential
  • Sharing their own experiences and thoughts
  • Responding to feedback
  • Taking pride in their presentation
  • Having high expectations of themselves
  • Exploring their own dreams, ideas and goals
  • Feeling valued!
  • Sharing their learning with a real-life audience
  • Connecting with the whole school, local and wider community
  • Using innovative technology
  • Working effectively as a team and supporting each other
  • Compromising and negotiating
  • Articulating confidently
  • Discussing their impact on society and the world
  • Showing empathy and respect for all