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Whiteshill Playgroup

We work very closely alongside Whiteshill Playgroup, which is situated in the Scout Hut very close to the school site.  Many of the children who start at Whiteshill, have come through this excellent setting as they prepare to arrive at school.  Whiteshill playgroup was rated ‘Outstanding’ at their most recent Ofsted inspection in July 2019. 

We work closely with playgroup throughout the year in a range of ways.  The children and staff attend our Harvest Festival and Christmas Nativity, along with being invited to other events wherever possible throughout the year.  Playgroup also use our school playground on a regular basis to give them space to run around and play together in a different environment.  During the summer term, the pre-school children attend a range of transition sessions, working with their upcoming class teacher and also the Year 5 children who will become their Year 6 buddies in September when they start school.  This transition period ensures that by the time the children arrive at school for their Reception year, they are comfortable with the setting and happy to come in to school each day.

Whiteshill playgroup take children from age 2 years upwards and are open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 08.30am – 3.00pm.  If you are interested in booking a place for your child, you can contact them via email on enquiries@whiteshillplaygroup.co.uk or by phone on 07591 240203.