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Breakfast Club

All the children at Whiteshill can attend our breakfast club in the school hall from the first day they attend the school.  The gate opens at 08.00am and the children can come in and eat breakfast from this time.  Breakfast consists of a choice of cereals, toast, spreads and squash.  The children then play together until 08.45am when they are accompanied to the classroom by our breakfast club supervisor, Miss Kiddle.


Session Charges

8:00am – 8:45am
£ 4
  • per child for breakfast and childcare

House Martins After School Club

All children can attend Housemartins from their first day full-time in reception.  The club runs from 3.15pm, when the children make their way to the school hall to meet Mrs Russell or Mrs Sinton, our after school club leaders.  The club runs until 5.45pm Monday to Thursday.  The children stay in either the hall or outside in the cabin if the weather is fine, enjoying a mixture of outdoor and indoor activities.  The children are also given a snack at the beginning of the session to tide them over until they get home.

Session Charges

3:15pm – 5:45pm (prompt)
£ 8
After school