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Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education and Sporting Activities are an important part of our vision at Whiteshill.  They provide the children with a chance to be curious about new sports, follow their own unique interests, and work together as a team.

Our PE curriculum is designed to ensure the children gain all the knowledge and skills they need to excel in a broad range of physical activities and competitive sports.  We want them to know that physical activity and sport can come in a variety of forms, so we work with specialist teachers to enhance our national curriculum offer.  Please click here to see our PE curriculum and all of the different activities it offers, including: archery, martial arts, indoor rowing, kurling, skateboarding and scootering, alongside the national curriculum units.

Through PE, the children also learn how to lead healthy, active lives and are physically active for sustained periods of time, which has benefits for both their physical and mental well-being.

We use the playground, hall and local sports field to practice different sports and physical activities.  Our PE equipment is kept up to date, with the aid of sports funding, and there is always enough available for everyone to get the most out of each lesson, with as little stationary time as possible.

Each year, our PE subject lead, Miss Middleton, plans how to use the governments allocated sports funding to support our provision of PE and sport across the school.  You can find this year’s action plan below.

You will see from this plan that our vision for this coming year includes the following:

Raising the profile of PE and sport through sharing information with parents and carers, celebrating childrens' achievements and wearing our new sports kit when we are out and about.

To ensure every child, particularly those who do not always volunteer, have an opportunity to represent the school in a sporting activity or competition.

That all children are engaged in regular physical activity through forest school and gardening sessions as well as active lunchtime and after school clubs.

That we provide the children with a broad range of introductions to different sports through specialist teachers, taster sessions, after school clubs and community links.

We currently run tag rugby, archery, skateboarding and scootering after school clubs, amongst many others.  If you, or anyone you know think you might be help out with supervision of clubs or if you have a sporting skill that you could offer to share with the children in the future, please do let the school office or Miss Middleton know.

At Whiteshill, we take part in Atlas Sports competitions across Stroud www.atlassports.co.uk  – please click here to see the range of activities and tournaments on offer through Atlas Sports.  All children have chance to take part in new sports, building on their knowledge in PE to work together as a team.

Some of our breadth of sporting opportunities so far this year...

Indoor Rowing Competition – Oak Class

Gymnastics Competition – Maple Class

TagNetball Tournament – Silver Medallists – Maple Class

Tag Rugby Tournament – Fourth Place – Oak Class

Skateboarding and Scootering – Elm Class

Key Stage 1 Football


New Age Kurling and Boccia

Key Stage 2 Football

Sportshall Athletics

Girls’ football