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Physical Education and Sporting Activities are an important part of our vision at Whiteshill.  They provide the children with a chance to succeed both individually, following their own unique interests, and as a team, working together.

Our PE curriculum is designed to ensure the children gain all the knowledge and skills they need to excel in a broad range of physical activities and competitive sports.  Through PE, the children also learn how to lead healthy, active lives and are physically active for sustained periods of time, which has benefits for both their physical and mental well-being.

We use the playground, hall and local sports field to practice different sports and physical activities.  Our PE equipment is kept up to date, with the aid of sports funding, and there is always enough available for everyone to get the most out of each lesson, with as little stationary time as possible.

Each year, our PE subject lead, Miss Middleton, plans how to use the governments allocated sports funding to support our provision of PE and sport across the school.  You can find this year’s action plan below.

You will see from this plan that our vision for this coming year includes the following:

To ensure every child has an opportunity to represent the school in a sporting activity or competition.

That all children in school have their heart rates raised for at least 30 minutes each day.

That the children take part in at least two hours of extra outdoor active learning on top of their PE lesson each week.

That we provide the children with a range of introductions to different sports through visitors, taster sessions, after school clubs and community links.

Last year we offered football, netball and running extra-curricular sports clubs and this year we will be adding to this with an ambition to have at least 3 sporting clubs available each week by the end of the summer term.  If you, or anyone you know think you might be help out with supervision of clubs or if you have a sporting skill that you could offer to share with the children, please do let the school office or Miss Middleton know.

At Whiteshill, we take part in Atlas Sports competitions across Stroud www.atlassports.co.uk including the small schools swimming gala (which we won in 2018!), district sports, cross country and netball tournaments.  This year, we have also joined School Games, who offer a whole host of opportunities for sporting activities and competitions for all children throughout the year.  We are looking forward to the children taking part in new sports and building on their knowledge in PE to compete to a high standard.  Mr Pritchard, our forest school teacher, also works with the year 5/6 children in the spring term, training them for an indoor rowing competition.  The children go out of county to represent the school and have had a number of successes in recent years.