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Story Time and Music Lessons

Whiteshill does Wake and Shake!
Story Time – 22nd May 2020 – Each Peach Pear Plum
Story Time – 13th May 2020 – A Shark in the Park
Story Time – 11th May 2020 – Oi Cat!
Story Time – 6th May 2020 – Suddenly!
Mr McLaughlin from Gloucestershire Music’s first music lesson – these will be uploaded weekly

Each week day whilst most of you are at home, I will read a picture book for the children to have story time together.  It is my way of staying in contact with you all and sharing some of my favourite stories that I love reading out loud too.  I hope the children enjoy them and that it encourages them to read lots whilst they are at home too.  Enjoy!

Story Time – 28th April – Peace at Last
Story Time – 27th April – Something Beginning with Blue!
Story Time – 24th April – Hairy McClary
Story Time – 22nd April – Superworm
Story Time – 20th April – Ten Little Pirates
Story Time – 3rd April – No-bot the Robot with No Bottom!
Story Time – 1st April – Noi and the Whale
Story Time – 31st March – You Must Bring a Hat!
Story Time – 30th March – The Bog Baby