Are humans Eco friendly?

Following on from last week’s science the children have continued their work on ‘Are humans Eco-friendly?’ We have been looking at a key text called ‘ The last Wolf’ which is a take on ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ Red goes out wolf hunting but is shocked to find there are non due to human impact on the environment and what this has done to the animals habitat. From this and their research the children have been writing a newspaper report reporting on what Red found and what can be done.

Up at Forest School we discussed local impact on the environment and the children completed an ‘environment audit,’  looking at good and bad factors humans have had.

As part of our RE unit, ‘How and Why Some People Want to Make the World a Better Place’, we looked at what motivated us to help others and decided to raise awareness and money for injured and displaced Australian wildlife, following the recent bush fires. We will be getting ready for a Koala Conference (assembly) and are going to be busy making koala-related items to sell… Watch this space!