Is a Rock Alive?!

This week was science week! The children have been looking at life processes, and learnt all about an important lady called Mrs Gren. We learnt that in order to be living, there are 7 things that you must be able to do. We were also amazed to find out that even our clothes were once alive! Elm class looked around the school to find objects they could fill in a Venn diagram with and decided the best things to place in alive would be themselves! We made pet rocks that we decided are easier to look after, as they have never been alive!

In maths, Year 2 have been learning to use rulers in order to measure length and height in centimetres. In Year 1 we began our unit on mathematical movement by learning to turn objects by a whole, a quarter, a half and a three quarter turn. 

Elm class enjoyed World Book Day by dressing up as some of their favourite story book characters. We focussed on ‘The Snail and a Whale’ by Julia Donaldson and had some great fun doing art and painting with just our hands! We created a beautiful seascape to show where the characters live.