19.04.24 Art and Ukuleles!

We have had a busy week in Maple Class! The children began their new art topic this week. Over the topic they will be learning about batik (an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing). The children will be learning about Chuah Thean Teng, a famous batik artist. They will be developing the skills to create their own batik art on fabric using traditional methods. They began their topic by having a go at wax-resist, using wax crayons and paint. They created some amazing nature pictures! They also had a brilliant arty time in forest school this week doing some amazing weaving!

On Friday mornings this term, we are very lucky to have a specialist teacher from the Gloucestershire Music Service to teach the children ukulele. The children really enjoyed their first session and played beautifully together!

12.04.24 Where does our food go?

This science week in Maple Class, we have been learning about the digestive system. The children have been learning about the different types of teeth and their functions. They have also investigated the roles of the oesophagus, stomach and intestines. We have been so impressed with the childrens’ super questions and research.

22.03.24 Whiteshill's Got Talent

Well done to all of our Maple Class children who took part in Whiteshill’s Got Talent this week! It was an amazing event and it was so brilliant to see all of the children’s unique talents. They performed with such confidence and enthusiasm! From Maple class, we had lots of wonderful music, dancing, astonishing history and mathematical knowledge, hilarious jokes, amazing poetry and even completing the rubik’s cube whilst skateboarding!

15.03.24 We are Geographers!

This half-term the children have been learning about the location of countries in Europe. They have been learning about the key environental regions, the physical and human characteristics and the location of major cities within these countries. They have enjoyed using our atlases, globes and digital-mapping to support their learning. They also enjoyed a challenge set up for them by Mr Prichard at forest school in which they had to create their own map of Europe on the playing field!

05.03.24 World Book Day!

We had the most wonderful day on Tuesday celebrating World Book Day. The children were so excited to take part in the day. During the morning, the children spent time in each class listening to a story and completing activities relating to the chosen book. In the Maple classroom we read Peter Pan and then created treasure maps and beach transient art. The afternoon was a real highlight of the day. The children enjoyed sharing their favourite book with the class. It was fantastic to hear about their favourite books, genres and authors. Each child spoke so passionately about their book and I could see their love of reading shine through.