12.07.24 Summer Rock Concert!

We are so proud of all our Oak Class drummers and guitarists, who blew us away with their confident and skilled performances at Mr Cormack-Hick’s Summer Rock Concert this week! You rocked!

28.6.24 School Play Rehearsals

In Oak Class, we have been busy practising our spooky school play, ‘The Wrong Way Round’. We are so proud of the children for working so hard to learn their lines and lyrics. They have had so many funny and creative ideas for their scenes and can’t wait to perform it for you!

21.06.24 Art Competition

This week we have been very lucky to take part in a fantastic art competition, organised for us by Mr Turner. We all bought our favourite plushies into school and did fantastic pencil drawings of them. We hope that you all enjoyed seeing them in the gallery on Thursday. The judges are making their final decisions and the winners will be announced soon! Thank you to Mr Turner for supplying us with the brilliant art resources and organising this special day for us. 

14.06.24 We are Readers

We have completed this week with a look at what we are reading in class and sharing our books with each other.  The children thought of their own questions to ask about their story which enabled them to come up with a detailed synopsis of the story so far.  The children really enjoyed sharing their thoughts and opinions with each other.  It also lead the way to an impromptu story writing session when the children all enjoyed listening to each other’s story starters.  Well done everyone!

07.06.24 We are Scientists

This week, Oak Class have been answering their science question – What am I like on the inside?  They have looked at how diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle have an impact on the human body.  They have been predicting what the effects are before learning about each one.  It has created some great opportunities for group and class discussion and the children have been reflecting on their own life style choices!  The children have a great awareness of positive and negative choices and have become real experts in advising and decision making.

The children also had a very exciting day on Thursday, when they were given a BMX lesson by an expert from Fusion Extreme. We were so proud of the children’s confidence to have a go and we were very impressed with their extreme stunts! They also had the chance to watch an amazing BMX demonstration. 

24.06.24 We are Chefs!

This week, Oak Class have been in the kitchen! Their brief was to design a 3-course meal, which would include seasonal ingredients, for the staff of Whiteshill School. They made a survey for the staff to find out their nutritional needs and preferences. They then put together recipes to meet all of their success criteria. They prepared all of the food themselves in teams and chose how they would like to present them. The staff tasted each course and gave feedback so that the children could evaluate the food they had created. The staff loved their seasonal 3-course meal of warmed asparagus and lettuce; an orange and ginger chicken bowl; and rhubarb chocolate brownies. Delicious! 

17.05.24 - P.E. and Fun at the Park!

This term in PE, Oak Class have taken part in the Try Rugby Programme run by the Gloucester Rugby Charitable Foundation. They have loved learning the rules and skills to play tag-rugby and next term some of the children who have expressed a particular interest in the sport will have the opportunity to play in a friendly tournament at Gloucester Kingsholme Stadium with one of the top teams in the country! The children in Oak class have also really enjoyed athletics training with a specialist teacher from Atlas sports. 

We also wanted to share with you how proud we were of our Year 6s this week as they completed their SATs tests. They supported and encouraged each other throughout the week and tackled everything with confidence and maturity. They finished the week with a special trip to the park for ice creams! They were also very excited to receive their Year 6 leavers hoodies. Well done year 6s- you are incredible!

10.05.24 Seasonal Food!

This week in Oak Class, we started our new DT topic. In this topic, we will be designing a 3-course meal for the teachers of Whiteshill School using seasonal ingredients. We began by thinking about where our food comes from. We also  learnt about seasonality and the time of year when food it at its best for taste and harvest. We researched chefs such as Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall and Rick Stein, who have promoted the use of local, seasonal ingredients in cooking. We researched which foods are naturally harvested in Britain in May. We enjoyed tasting some seasonal fruit and vegetables! 

03.05.24 Net Zero Competition Winners!

This year, we were very lucky to have Pete and Harry from AtkinsRéalis to visit in Oak Class. They taught the children about lowering our carbon footprint and helped them create entries for the AtkinsRéalis Net Zero Superheroes Competition. The children worked in teams to develop innovative ideas to lower our carbon emissions in school. We are very proud to announce that Alex, Livara, Texas and Ayla were awarded 1st place in this year’s competition with their eco-friendly glasses design for children with dyslexia. They reached the final out of over 330 submissions from 40 schools across the UK and spoke incredibly eloquently in front of a panel of judges about their design. This was the judge’s feedback…

Thank you for delivering your presentation on the Dyslexic Glasses – what a
fantastic, creative design! We loved that your invention as based on personal
experience, empowers those with dyslexia and champions inclusion. The Dyslexic
Glasses have impact from not only an environmental perspective, but also a
social perspective. You put in some great research and we loved your colourful
poster – well done, and keep up the great work!

Well done to all of the children in Oak Class for their brilliant ideas and a huge congratulations to Alex, Livara, Texas and Ayla. 


03.05.24 Mixed-Media Self-Portraits!

Oak Class have had a fantastic week putting together all of the skills they have learnt in our art topic. Working from their final designs, they created mixed-media self-portraits. They did incredibly well with their sewing and combined materials really effectively to create portraits that reflected all of their unique personalities. We are so proud of their amazing creativity! A very big thank you to all of  the kind parents who donated material, ribbons, buttons, sequins and thread for the children to use. They were so lucky to have such a fantastic selection of resources to choose from. 

26.04.24 Self-Portraits in the Forest!

This week in forest school, Oak Class continued their mixed-media art project by creating their faces using natural resources found in the woods. We loved the effect! In class the children have been developing their sewing skills in preparation for their final mixed-media piece next week. They learnt running stitch, cross stitch and applique. We were so impressed with their patience and perseverance. 

20.04.24 We are Artists!

This week in Oak Class, we began our art topic. We have been learning about the mixed-media artist Eduardo Paolozzi. Over the course of the topic, we will be developing our skills to create our own mixed-media self-portraits on fabric. This week, we had a go at creating our faces using a range of resources including magazines and newspapers. All of the chidren’s pictures were so effective and unique!

12.04.24 Darwin's Finches

This science week in Oak Class, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. The children have had lots of great discussions about the different family characteristics they have inherited! They thought about which of their characteristics might be due to genetics and which might be due to their environment. The children researched how different plants and animals have adapted to their environment. They also learnt about  Charles Darwin. The children found out about how his observations of the Galapagos Island finches and their variation in beak sizes and shapes, led to the development of his theory of natural selection. They made origami beaks of different shapes and sizes and investigated their effectiveness!

22.03.24 Computing: creating video

This week we learnt about how to create videos using different techniques: head shot; body shot and long shot.  Then the children learned how to create a story board before shooting their own videos.  The children worked individually or in small groups and everyone produced their very own video.

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