20.04.24 We are artists!

This week in Oak class, we began our art topic. We have been learning about the mixed-media artist Eduardo Paolozzi. Over the course of the topic, we will be developing our skills to create our own mixed-media self-portraits on fabric. This week, we had a go at creating our faces using a range of resources including magazines and newspapers. All of the chidren’s pictures were so effective and unique!

12.04.24 Darwin's Finches

This science week in Oak Class, we have been learning about evolution and inheritance. The children have had lots of great discussions about the different family characteristics they have inherited! They thought about which of their characteristics might be due to genetics and which might be due to their environment. The children researched how different plants and animals have adapted to their environment. They also learnt about  Charles Darwin. The children found out about how his observations of the Galapagos Island finches and their variation in beak sizes and shapes, led to the development of his theory of natural selection. They made origami beaks of different shapes and sizes and investigated their effectiveness!

22.03.24 Computing: creating video

This week we learnt about how to create videos using different techniques: head shot; body shot and long shot.  Then the children learned how to create a story board before shooting their own videos.  The children worked individually or in small groups and everyone produced their very own video.