Thank You For the Teaching!

This week we said goodbye to Mrs Colman! We have had a brilliant time being taught by such a special teacher, and celebrated with her in a special assembly and doing fun activities on her last day. We wish her the best of luck on becoming a mummy, and have enjoyed experiencing this journey with her so far. Thank you and good luck, Mrs Colman!

So far in art this term, we have been learning drawing skills. We began putting these to use by using texture when drawing the beautiful landscape that we can see from school. We sat on the grass and spent some time looking at the shapes we could see ready to fill them in with colourful patterns back in the classroom.

Elm class enjoyed a yoga session this week, getting the chance to stretch and relax. We also did some gardening with Mrs Cody and Mrs West-Boyle, planting parsley and carrot seeds – we look forward to watching them grow over the coming weeks!

In English, Elm class finished off their science topic of ‘Is a rock alive?’ through our writing of leaflets. We used them to explain the seven life processes and the difference between alive, once alive and never alive. We used our skill of including conjunctions (such as because, but and if) in our writing.

In maths, Year 1 finished their topic of mathematical movement, learning all about quarter, half, three-quarter and whole turns. We enjoyed playing a board game to help describe the turns as well as dancing on the carpet by following instructions. Year 2 have began understanding measurements including grams and kilograms, and have been using centimetres and metres to measure the classroom and items within it.