We are Artists!

A very busy week back for us in Maple Class. The children have told me all about their half term adventures and seem well rested for this half term. 

In Maths, Year 4 have been learning to add and subtract decimals using formal written methods. The focus here has been introducing them to in between numbers using tenths and hundredths, their value and real life concepts such as using money. Year 3 have worked on their column subtraction where they have had to exchange numbers. They have also deepened their knowledge by starting to problem solve using two steps. 

We began our new topic this week, We Are Artists! The children have amazed me with their enthusiasm. We have focused on drawing in proportion using the Vitruvian theory, looked at the artist Leonardo Di Vinci, practised drawing stick men, practised different shading techniques and finally used our brand new art pencils.